Kevin Tracy - Producer, associate engineer,
keyboardist, bassist and vocalist. Love's coffee
and he's always smiling ! Even after coming out 
of a room with three marching bass drums going
full tilt !  "Dave, I think I found the sweet spot 
 for the room mic" !!                                        

 John Carlton - Producer, associate engineer,
keyboardist, pedal steel guitarist and vocalist.
                       "Point Being"  ???


Paul Frank - aka Farmer...Guitarist,
vocalist and founding member of that
 almost famous country band Freedom
Rode.  Host of the open mic shows at 
 Planet High Bridge in High Bridge, NJ.
  Does this guy look "country" or what ??


  Les Anderson - associate producer,
 president and CEO of LA Management. 
 Makes great coffee when Bet is unavailable. 
 Contact LA Management at 713 Fourth St.
 Belvidere,  NJ. 07823 Tel : 908-475-3487


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