TASCAM MS-16 with AQ-65 Auto Locater Sixteen tracks on one inch tape with DBX noise reduction. Yes we do
 use those rust colored strips of plastic !!  Many pro studios still track to analog tape first. Our clients love the sound. 

   TASCAM 2600 mkII console with meter bridge Sixteen channels, eight busses, two independent stereo cue mixes,
 six aux sends and six stereo returns for effects. Four band eq with two swept mid bands per channel.

   TASCAM Model 32 master stereo recorder Half track stereo on quarter inch tape with DBX noise reduction.

   TASCAM Model 112 stereo cassette recorder

   ALESIS MASTERLINK High resolution master disk recorder.

ALESIS HD24XR Twenty four track disc recorder.

   MONITORING Mackie HR824s, TOA sound cubes, Furman HDS-6/HR-6 headphone distribution system and AKG headphones.

MICROPHONES ....AKG C391 B(2), C414 B-ULS, C414 XL II, D390E, Audio Technica ATM-25, ATM-31(2),     
     Beyer M160, M201, M420, M422, M88TG, Sennheiser MD-421(2), E602, Shure SM57(4), KSM-27(2), Sony ECM21.       

    OUTBOARD ....Comp/Limiters....Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition Stereo Tube/FET Compressor, 
DBX 160A(2), Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor,  FMR Audio RNC(2), RNLA, Symetrix 501,
Vintage Urei 1176 rev F, UA 2-1176 rev D Hairball Audio/Mnats Clone.           
    Expander/Gates....Aphex 612, DBX 902, 904's, Symetrix 562e, Valley People Gatex.                                        
 Reverbs and Multi FX
....Alesis Midiverb II, Ibanez DM2000 Delay, Lexicon Alex, LXP-5, LXP15II, Yamaha Rev 500, SPX 900.
    Mic Pre's....In addition to the excellent preamps in our Tascam console a Hamptone JFET two channel mic pre and
     SCA Audio A12 (API flavor)(2), N72 (Neve flavor)(2) and J99 (Jenson Twin Servo) mic preamps are available.
          Misc..... Sans Amp Bass Driver. Countryman and Radial Pro DI's.         
    Radial SGI and Little Labs Mercenary Edition Guitar/Instrument Interface Systems.       

    Acoustic Treatment by Auralex and GIK Acoustics.


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